I Help Alt-Pop & Hip-Hop Artists Create Records With [Dat] Unique Stank On It.

Hi! I'm Ian Michael, and seriously...

I'm SO F***ING TIRED of hearing music that sounds like everything else.

​So many people search for the bargain bin "type beat" [ugh] and it gets them nowhere.

I know that might sound aggressive [sry], but I am super passionate about it... lemme explain.

As a producer & mixing engineer, standing for creative exploration, self-improvement, & making timeless records that aren't just "flavor of the week" is how I actually help you get the kind of fanbase you're looking for.

I want your song idea to blossom into the ideal song for you. Because at the end of the day, the goal is to convey your story and unique experience through sounds, right?

Think of me not as just the producer, but more as a creative team member who can bring out that vision and make it what it can be recognized as YOUR sound. That's how all your favorite artists do it, so why not you?

Let me tell be honest for a sec... I feel most at home with artists that also love:

  • stupidly groovy and infectious rhythm sections that ignite a visceral reaction like this:
stank face
  • catchy-as-fuck vocals that resonate and reflect the feeling and headspace they were made,
  • and lots of lil textures [that you don't always hear but FEEL]

Let's think about your favorite artists again. Okay, cool. NOW think about their earlier (or maybe first) few songs or first album. Didn't it kinda hit different? 

Why is that? I mean... if you ask them, 90% of times it will be because they were creating art that was uninhibited by the "rules" of the time, and what they might call the purest form of their musical expression. That's what I mean when I say timeless, and I think it can be really easy to lose that inexplicable "magic" and almost child-like exploration of sounds in our music. I want to get a feel for where you're at, figure out what your influences are [musical or not], and what makes the lil prickly hairs on your arm stand up when you hear it in a song [lol], and let's channel that ASAP. 👇🏽

"But what are the clients saying?"

Luna Luna

“Honestly, it's been a really energizing process working with Ian. He's been able to see where we're coming from with our ideas and help make that message and energy WAY more clear and expressive."

Daddy NAT

“A big reason why I love working with Ian is his attention to intention... When I do a song with him, he’s always looking for ways to bring out the nuance and how to add more flare to different parts. You get a ridiculous production and mix, but ALSO you get someone who’s going to look at your music artistically and really bring the best out of your ideas.”

Hear some of my work.  

Opera Mauv
need it.
Dev Valentine
[a re-imagining]
Opera Mauv [ft. Daddy NAT]
exhale peace.

Let's Chat!

If my process, approach, and style resonates with you, let's chat about your music and making something that fits YOU. And of course,

put [dat] stank on it 💪🏾